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Nov 2017

Destiny Down Under Podcast - Episode 55 - Blessious!

This week, we team up with the one and only Blessious to dissect the Curse of Osiris second live stream! We talk all things Destiny 2, give our thoughts on the EXP fiasco, and generally have an awesome time while we do it!


Nov 2017

Destiny Down Under Podcast - Episode 54 - The Hype of Osiris!

This week we give ourselves over to the Curse of Osiris hype, discussing anything and everything coming out of the first reveal stream, and adding out own spin on what we think it all means!


Content Review! Log - Past Myelin - Present Myelin - Future Myelin - Sloth -

Nov 2017

Destiny Down Under Podcast - Episode 53 - SlyOldDog

In this episode we invite Community Guest SlyOldDog to join us! Man at Arms replaces sloth as the resident rage filled old man (other than Log) for a week, and we talk about all of the Destiny news kicking about the interwebs at the moment.

Someone make sure Myelin gets that Coffee...

TA PC Clan:


Content Review! Log - Matt - Man At Arms - Man At Arms - Sly -

Nov 2017

Destiny Down Under Podcast - Episode 52 - Beard Grizzly (Curse of Osiris Trailer HYPE)

In this Episode we are joined by Loremaster and great friend of the show, Beard Grizzly. We talk over all things Curse of Osiris, picking a few choice points out of the trailer, and wrap up everything else happening in the Destiny Community this week!


Content review: Log - Matt - Sloth - Beard - Arlo,

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